Purity Weekends

The Purity Weekend is something our church has done for 9 years. It starts with girls ages 13+ listening to talks given by members of our congregation. Then we take the girls to a hotel to let our hair down and have some fun! In the morning, fighting sleep, we eat breakfast and meet back at the church for more talks!

There’s always plenty of snacks and laughter to go around. Some of the talks we hear are etiquette, modesty, boundaries, identity, hygiene and of course purity. Around 3 p.m. our talks finish and we start to get into our elegant dresses and get pampered, having our hair and make up done. At 5:00 we have a delicious meal provided by members of our congregation and eat with our families.

At 7:00 our program begins and everyone is invited! The Dads (and Moms) bless the girls with a prayer and often share anecdotes about their lives together. They receive a purity ring and take a pledge of purity as the parents take a pledge to watch over their daughters. The night ends with a father-daughter dance and lots and lots of pictures!